A Program by Musée Musical

Musee Musical LogoMusée Musical is one of India’s oldest music stores. Established in 1842, Musée Musical has always been a prime name in the Western musical instruments and music education field in southern India. Their 175+ years of unparalleled legacy, in-depth understanding of the changing need of teachers, students, musicians, and a boundless passion to serve music has made them into a singular interface for music connoisseurs of every type. Musée Musical has been trusted partner and a global gateway in bringing the best of brands from across the world coupled with a state of the art in-store experience for Indian musicians.

Currently, training will be given only for Piano in Instruments and Voice. Other instruments training will start in due course.

Why Join Us?

Ever wanted to study music at a professional level? This programme will give you a thorough training so that you can walk into an international music audition for university admissions or interview with confidence, knowing exactly what is expected and being able to fulfil the criteria to the best of your talent.

About the Programme

The programme offers individual teaching in piano and voice as well as group classes, in theory, musicianship, improvisation, composition, music history and chamber music over a four-year curriculum. Flexible to individual student needs, the aim is to draw out a student’s full potential and help them to become well-rounded musicians.


  1. Be a more cultured person who understands the importance of art in human life
  2. Share your knowledge and ability through performing/teaching/composing/writing
  3. Study further, possibly internationally
  4. Travel with your musical skills and meet new people and communities
  5. Be a more fulfilled and happier person
  6. Earn a living.

Karl Lutchmayer, Dean of Studies

Karl Lutchmayer is equally renowned as a concert pianist and a lecturer. A Steinway Artist, Karl performs across the globe, but he also holds an academic professorship at Trinity College of Music, London and is a regular guest lecturer at conservatories around the world, including the Juilliard and Manhattan Schools in New York. An Overseas Citizen of India, he was recently awarded the Bharat Gaurav lifetime achievement award. Karl has given recitals and concerts throughout the world, working with conductors including Lorin Maazel and Sir Andrew Davis, and is also a regular chamber performer. A passionate advocate of contemporary music, Karl has also given over 90 world premieres and had many works written especially for him.

Karl studied at the Royal College of Music under Peter Wallfisch and John Barstow and at Oxford University, and undertook further studies with Lev Naumov at the Moscow Conservatoire. His research interests include the music of Liszt, Alkan, Busoni and Enescu; The Creative Transcription Network; reception theory, and the history of piano recital programming.

Teachers who are highly exposed to Western Culture.

  • The Piano is going to be handled by – Mr Srikanth, M.MUS MUSIC PERFORMANCE, ROYAL WELSH COLLEGE OF MUSIC & DRAMA.
  • Voice is handled by Mr Augstine Paul, Music Director of Madras Musical Association Choir, one of the oldest choir in our country versatile with a wide repertoire. He is the founder-leader of Octet Cantabile and holds a Licentiate Diploma in Trinity College London (LMus TCL)
  • Mr Karl Lutchmayer,will also handle some individual sessions in this programme where the main focus will be Musicianship and History.

Standard Foundation Program (5 years)

Year 1

Two individual lessons (45 mins each) on Piano and Voice in each week.
Focus is specifically on

  • Technical Facility
  • Developing Interpretation
  • Expressing Individuality


Personal Music Development

  • Priority is on Sight Reading
  • Swift Learning Skills

One Group Aural Lessons per week
One Group Musicianship per week
And, One group Choir Session per week which instil skills of listening and group work.

Contact time each week – 4.5 hrs

Year 2

  1. Same number of lessons
  2. Students will be presenting their own ideas
  3. Along with this Improvisation skills will be developed

Contact time each week – 4.5hrs

Year 3

Preparation is specifically  for International College Entry

  1. One 90 minute session given each week to allow for larger Repertoire choices
  2. Students are expected to monitor their own practice more closely than before
  3. Continued Aural Classes, Theory Classes and along with that Priority is going to be on Composition
  4. Music History (2 hours) is added to foster a thorough knowledge and understanding of western music
  5. Instead of Choir, students will take part in Rehearsals and one performance class every month.

Contact time each week – 6.5 hrs

Year 4

  1. Curriculum continues in the Final year
  2. Since the Aural skills are now achieved, students are trained in Musical Analysis

Contact time each week – 6.5 hrs

Year 5

  1. Year 4 curriculum continues in year 5
  2. Music History is discontinued in favour of 20th century music class (2 hours)
  3. Theory is discontinued in favour of Music business class (1 hour)

Contact time each week – 6.5 hrs

Advanced Foundation Programme (2 years)

Year 1

  1. Two individual lessons (60 mins each) on Piano or Voice in each week.
  2. Aural class x 2
  3. Theory class x 2
  4. History class (2 hours)
  5. Chamber music rehearsals
  6. One performance each month

Contact time each week – 9 hrs

Year 2

  1. Two individual lessons (60 mins each) on Piano or Voice in each week.
  2. Aural class x2
  3. Theory class x 2
  4. History class (2 hours)
  5. Musical analysis
  6. Chamber Music rehearsals
  7. One performance each month

Contact time each week – 10 hrs


Aspirant Programme (1 Year)

Year 1

  1. Two short piano lessons (30 mins) on piano or voice in each week
  2. One group aural class
  3. One group theory class
  4. One choir class

Contact time each week: 4 hrs